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I Hope You Continue 4 Ever

1 cup movies and tv

1 cup comics and clever quotes
1/2 cup pretty pictures and old advertisements
1/4 cup feels and fangirling
Generous scoop of feminism
Hefty dose of wanderlust
3 TB each snark and overconfidence
2 tsp apathy
Dash of Anglophilia

Mix well, bake until fully formed.

Read, reblog, and repeat.

Posts tagged Joss Whedon

Jul 21 '13

SDCC day 3…my feet/legs are killing me and my phone won’t hold a charge.

I’m getting up at 7am for SPN in Hall H and I’m so wired (it’s 1:42) and never really ate dinner but had 3 G&Ts so we are trying (and failing) to order pizza

…I’m having a crazy good time.

Jul 12 '13


Roseanne for president. 

Roseanne is amazing. I didn’t realize when I was younger how strong a character she is, and how admirable her relationships are with people she really cares about (like with Dan, they’re one of my fave tv couples).

PS Joss Whedon got his start as a staff writer on Roseanne. Makes perfect sense, actually.

Aug 22 '12

it’s like christmas day on tumblr, gif(t)s abound from the avengerverse! joss bless us, every one!

Aug 7 '12